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Wouldn’t it be great if we could fix a smile in six minutes?


Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment takes a bit longer than six minutes and, in most cases, even six months. There are some quick fix sales gimmicks out there, but be wary as these approaches can cause more trouble for the patient.

Orthodontic treatment varies in length and depends on the severity of the case, but perfecting a smile is so much more than just lining up teeth. If you only focus on lining up the teeth, the jaw can be misaligned, the bite will be off, and teeth can protrude, potentially causing pain, hygiene issues and aesthetic concerns.

Only an Orthodontic Specialist has dedicated years of additional training and education beyond dental school to gain the expertise for treating malocclusions (the clinical term for “bad bite”). A Specialist will take into consideration all the moving parts of perfecting a smile and create a treatment plan that is safe, effective, long-lasting and with the ideal result for bite, jaw and aesthetic goals.