Orthodontic treatment is one of the best investments you can make for yourself or your child. A perfect smile greatly improves a patient’s appearance, quality of life, confidence, and dental health. An imperfect smile can negatively affect self-esteem as well as dental hygiene.

One of the first things a patient or parent asks is, “How much will braces cost?” Cost is determined by a few factors:

  1. Complexity: While a simple case may be a quick and low cost fix, more serious alignment issues may take up to 24 months and will have a higher treatment fee
  2. Type of treatment: Traditional braces will typically be the lower cost option as compared to clear, ceramic braces or clear aligner tray systems like Invisalign®. Sometimes a younger patient will benefit from early-phase treatment. While this may be slightly more costly, Dr. Cline only recommends early-phase treatment when it will save the young patient from more complex, costly and possibly painful issues later on.
  3. Insurance: If you have dental insurance that includes orthodontics, you will be able to use your benefits and take advantage of a discounted rate if your Orthodontist is a participating provider. All-Star Orthodontics is a participating provider for all major insurances (link to insurance page), and if by chance we aren’t a participant of your insurance plan, we will honor their rate.

Lifetime benefits from an insurance plan range between $1,000 – $2,500 for comprehensive treatment. That means if the contracted with your insurance is $5,000 for full treatment, up to $2,500 may be applied to the cost and you would be responsible for the balance. At All-Star Orthodontics where we offer 0% interest payment plans, that could be as low as $104 / month for 24 months.

At All-Star Orthodontics, you can further lower your out-of-pocket cost with a down payment. In 2016, we are offering a 5% discount off of the patient charge with a 50% down payment, and 10% when paid up front. For example:

  • $5,000 allowable treatment fee with insurance
  • $2,500 lifetime benefit
  • $1,250 down payment
  • $47 / month for 24 months with $125 in savings!

You may find a range of fees across Orthodontic Specialists, sometimes up to $8,000 per case. At All-Star Orthodontics, we work with our patients to ensure orthodontic treatment fits into their budget. We believe that nothing should stand in the way of a beautiful smile.