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[fusion_text]Children benefit from an orthodontic consultation as soon as adult teeth are erupting, usually around age 7. In some cases, a young patient will benefit from an early phase of orthodontic treatment for jaw alignment issues or to make room for permanent teeth that wouldn’t otherwise have space to come in. It can also address other issues such as etiologic factors (causes), for example: thumb and finger habits, tongue thrusting and lip entrapment.

I recommend early phase treatment only where it would save the patient from more complex procedures such as extractions later on. The early round can involve a variety of appliances and is typically easy for the child, usually lasting 10-12 months.

Please share this page with anyone in your family researching early phase treatment, and call me if you have any additional questions. If you would like a free consultation or complimentary second opinion on a treatment plan for you child, do not hesitate to contact me![/fusion_text]

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