Orthodontics for kids & teens

Between the ages of 9 and 13, adult teeth have erupted but the jaw is still growing, allowing for the movement necessary to align the teeth and bite. Whether traditional braces, clear brackets or Invisalign Teen, orthodontics is an investment in a beautiful, lifelong smile.

This exciting time is often the best time for orthodontic treatment. The jaw is still in development and can be guided into an ideal position. It is also the time to begin Phase II for patients who had a prior early phase of orthodontics with braces or other appliance. With colorful rubber bands, braces in fun shapes and our motivating programs and rewards, orthodontics can be a lot of fun for kids!

For older kids and teens who are fully committed to improving their smile, Invisalign Teen may be a preferred option for treatment. This system of clear aligner trays straightens teeth without metal braces or wires. To achieve a successful outcome, Invisalign Teen requires a patient to comply with wearing the trays at all times except for brushing, flossing and eating.

Schedule a consultation today for your child to discuss their orthodontic needs and options. All consultations and diagnostic x-rays are complimentary at All-Star Orthodontics.